A 13 year old in rural Girl gives birth to baby of rapist.

Sexual abuse case of a minor has surfaced at Bogra.Pinki Mali 13 a Minor girl, D/O Khapu Mali -42 at Durgahata, Gabtoli, Bogra n Bangladesh was raped brutally by Mohammed Saheb Ali -55 years. On 7th July 2016 at around 7 pm Pinki went to collect their clothing near the house. The Perpetrator Mohammed Saheb Ali was waiting there, he told to come to his house that was adjoint. When Pinki enter into his house Mohammed Saheb locked the door and shown to her a knife and ordered with anger ‘ Open your Salowar and Kamiz” (cloth). Pinki tries to shout- suddenly, Mohammed Saheb captured her mouth with her clothing and started to open her Salower and Kamiz and bring to her into the bed and brutally raped her. After everything, while Pinki was crying, Mohammed Saheb threatened the child to keep quiet and if she told anyone, anything then he would kill her and her family.

On 28th November 2016, Pinkis’ Physical condition declined and when her mother took her to a doctor and doctor confirmed her pregnancy and it that it was at a mature level.  When Pinki’s parents got hold of perpetrator Mohammed Saheb threatened to kill them. On 14th December, Pinkis’ father informed  Research and Empowerment Organization–REO asking for help. Bikash Sornokar, head of REO at Bogra complained to the officer in Charge at Gabtoli Thana, Bogra and did a FIR under a section of child and women Nirjaton act 2003 on that day. Police officers had ensured that the perpetrator would be arrested soon, but nothing has been done about it.

Sadly, on 16th February 2017, REO arranged to admit her into the Hospital at the emergency basis and on 17th February 2017, Pinki gave a boy birth.  This is just one such case, according to REO such cases are pretty common, in these parts of the nation,  in fact, according to BRAC, a nongovernment organization in Bangladesh, in fact from July 2007 to June 2010, reported 713 incidents of rape and attempted rape of children (< 18 years) in rural Bangladesh. This study explores these 713 incidents to identify possible patterns related to the victims, perpetrators, and different dynamics of the incidents.

Rape and attempted rape, particularly of young girls, constituted 64% of all reported incidents of violence against children. Children were found to be abused by men from all walks of life, mainly by non-family-members (83%). Similar diversity was seen in the location, time, and context of the incidents. The present study attempts to put forward an overall picture of the depth of the problem of child sexual abuse in rural Bangladesh, linking the incidents with the socially constructed gender relations of power and how it perpetuates sexual abuse of children, especially girls.

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