Rape Victims Project:

Case: 01 A Hindu Minor Girl Pinki’s Story

Pinki Mali 13 a Minor girl, D/O Khapu Mali -42 at Durgahata, Gabtoli, Bogra raped brutally by one Mohammed Saheb Ali -55 years. On 7th July 2016 at around 7 pm Pinki went to collect their clothing near the house. The Perpetrator Mohammed Saheb Ali was waiting there, he told to come to his house that was adjoint. When Pinki enter into his house Mohammed Saheb locked the door and shown to her a knife and ordered with anger ‘ Open your Salowar and Kamiz” (cloth). Pinki tries to shout- suddenly, Mohammed Saheb captured her mouth with her clothing and started to open her Salower and Kamiz and bring to her into the bed and brutally raped her.

After everything, while Pinki was crying, Mohammed Saheb told with Sought Keep quiet and If you tell to anything to anyone then I will kill you including your family Members too. Frequently, Perpetrator threatens to Pinki that she should keep quiet. On 28th November 2016, Pinkis’ Physical condition has declined and her mother brings her to a doctor and doctor confirmed her pregnancy and it has matured level.  When Pinki’s parents informed the perpetrator and local people the perpetrator Mohammed Saheb threaten to kill them.

On 14th December, Pinkis’ father informed to Research and Empowerment Organization–REO asking for help. Bikash Sornokar, head of REO at Bogra complained to the officer in Charge at Gabtoli Thana, Bogra and did aanFIR under a section of child and women Nirjaton act 2003 on that day. Police officer ensured us that the perpetrator will arrest soon. However, on 16th February 2017, REO arranged to admit her into the Hospital at the emergency basis  and on 17th February 2017, Pinki gave a birth a  boyof rapist.

 Case: 02 – A Hindu Minor Girl Bristy’s Story

Bristy 11 a minor Hindu girl of grade-7 of Bogra was kidnapped and raped brutally for 5 days by one Mohammed Azizul Sheikh, 25. On 8th May 2016 at around 7 pm, Bristi’s schoolmate Shirin, a Muslim girl and also a neigbour came to her house and requested to go to a nearby house to bring some schoolnote from another girl, Bristi agreed unwillingly. By this way, she was kidnapped at knife point by  Azizul and others by a microbus.

They seduced her with chloroform to an unknown place. In Bristi’s own words, “I was senseless and while woke-up in a room, fully naked and raped. Azizul was at the room. After that day, he repeatedly raped me and also changed places. I was crying all along while he was raping me like an animal. After 5 days my father and few local people rescued me.”

While kidnapped, Bristi tried to escape, but soon weakened by the affect of chlorofom in a handkerchief used to seduced her. Ronjita, Sukumol and Promila age 27-35 witnessed the kidnapping but kept mum as Azizul threatned with a knife to kill them.  Do you want justice? Bristi replied, “Definitely, Azizul did the same thing with other Hindu girls before me. Because of embrassed parents did not come forward and administration also was relactant to do anything, but I want justice, I want justice.”

Bristi’s parents are poor (Father: Amal Chandra 5 &MotherRenuka Rani 42 of GangNagar, Mahjpara, Shibgonj, Bogra). She studies at  A. M. High School of GangNagar, Bogra and she wanted to be a teacher. She is a good student and always helped her mother. Azizul and another Belal used to tease her on the way to school. Her parents complained to the parents of Azizul, but nothing happened. A case has been filed at Shibgonj Police Station (Case# 13; dated 10th May 2016 under section 7/30 of Women and Children Repression Act,2003), but police asusual did nothing. Now the perpetrator is threatening the victim and her family to withdraw the case or face death. Bristi with parents in the picture.

Bristi’s news was first published in a national daily in Dhaka, the daily Purbachal, on 15 May 2016. A team lead by Chandan Sarkar, Chairman of REO-Reseacrh and Empowerment Organization had visited her on 20 May 2016. The team also talked with local administration.

Case-03: Aradhya’s Story, Dumuria, Khulna

“I am Aradhya – 07 years old daughter, a student of grade 3, Daughter of Saran Partha -42 a  day labouer, dumuria, Khulna.  Aradhya has a brother; Biswajit-14 is a student of grade 8 at a local school.  A local Rickshaw puller Mohammed Shorab -45 who bring Aradhya’s teacher regularly”

Mohammed Shorab-45 frequently visited their house and trying to reach Aradhya hand without any reason sometimes bring to give her some trophy. One day, Aradhya;s mother was sick with viral fever -103 temperatures and his father and brother were not at home.

Mather Kanika Rani -37 is not able to wake- up and not able to pull up her head even due to Fiver. Konika Rani told to her daughter Aradhya to go to the shop and buy some bread for her because she was very hungry. Aradhya went to buy some bread for her mother at near market. The market has no crowd, suddenly, she Saw Mohammed Shorab is coming towards her from a tea stall. Mohammed Shorab pulling her on his arms and bring into a dark room into the different tiny shop of that local market.  Mohammed Shorab kept her mouth into his hands and told, if you sought, I will kill you. Inside the shop, Mohammed Shorab mercilessly raped her.  When the blood has come out, he threw her and flown away.  When Aradhya was crying into burst with pain, one local people come and rescued her from that Shop.  When we visited on 25.5.2016, the Parents didn’t do any FIR against the Perpetrator. We heard that the Perpetrator has four wife’s and four children only 4th wife staying with Mohammed Shorab. His wife has come to request to Aradhya’s parents don’t to do any police complain unless they will die because they all depend on the perpetrator.

Case -04 – Papri’s  Story, Pabna

Chandan Sarkar: Papri Biswas -20, Father – Ram Chandra biswas-55, mother Purnima Biswas -50, Pundraria, Thana Sathiya, Pabna district, has been raped on 13.03.2015. The perpetrators were Mohammed Farid -27, Father Name Mohammed Abu Pramanik and Mohammed Hafizul -24 Years.

The ritual Festival Here Krishna Kirtan Program is going on of their relative house at the nearby. Papri is an examinee of her collage final examination. She is taking her preparation although all the family members went to attend the program. She was alone at her house; around 7.30 pm she finished her study and going to join the program. While she came out from her room suddently two local perpretators Mohammed Farid hossain and mohammed hafizul captured her mouth and threatened with a knife. Mohammed Hafizul and Mohammed Farid bring her in nearby jungle and rap up her hand and mouth that she can’t Seek.

Both perpetrators removed her Salawer (lower part) and Mohammed Farid raped her 1st when Mohammed Hafizul captured her hand. After Farid, Mohammed Hafizul raped and this was going on one after another during an hour. After raped, they threaten her “Don’t tell anything to anyone unless they will kill her including parents”

They threw her there – Papri came to her home and come to tears. When the local people come and listen to everything. On 14.03.2016 the victim and local people come into the police station and did a FIR against the perpetrators on the women and child abusing section-03 case number 26/104, GL number -130,  Sathiya police station, Pabna.

The Principal of Pabna Edward College Dr. Mohammed Humayun Kabir and Head of Department and other teachers, journalists, and local people also claim to ask justice and demand arrested the perpetrators immediate from a Human Chain at Pabna. After long months the perpetrators are not arrested yet. Even the perpetrators threaten to withdraw the case against them unless they will rape again and killed her.

Papri is the student of 2nd year student of department of History, Pabna Edward College, Pabna. However, REO team members always communicating the officer in Charge and Papri’s guardian to know the update of her case.

Case-05: Ripa Rani Pramanik

Ripa Rani Pramanik -17, D/O Sukumar Pramanik- 45, M/O- Sheuli Pramanik-35, Talora, Dhupchachiya, Bogra, Bangladesh a college girl student forcefully kidnapped from Dhupchachiya upazila while she was going to her college Tolara Government College on 12th November 2016.

The perpetrators Mohammed Shamim -22, S/O–Mohammed Amzad Hossain-40 and with few associates forcefully kidnapped Ripa Rani Pramanik. REO’s Bogra President Bikash Sornokar informed and took the initiatives to did a FIR Dhupchachiya Case number -9/202 dated under the section 7/30 Women and Children Repression Act, 2003.

However, according to the FIR police helped to rescue the victim on 18.12.16 and thereafter the victim was produced before the local Magistrate at Bogra who gave statements under section 22 of Nari-O-Shishu Nirjatan Daman Ain, 2003 and expressed that she had been kidnapped by those perpetrators on 12.11.2016. The HR team also met with local lawyers who appeared before the court and the Judicial Magistrate passed an order for ascertaining the age of the victim and as such the victim has been sent to safe custody in Rajshahi District.

 Case -06: Ms.Tumpa Biswas, Satkhira.

Ms.Tumpa Biswas (24) wife of Tapan Biswas- a destitute Hindu Victim of Malo Para within Tala Police Station at Satkhira District made an appeal to us that she got no legal assistance from police for alleged sexual assault on her made by some perpetrators dated 16.08.2015. The Perpetrators are not arrested moreover, threatening her to withdraw the case.

Police took cognizance under section 459/325/326/307 of the penal code (grievous hurt caused while committing lurking house of the victim) instead of taking cognizance under sexual assault law i.e. Nari-O-Shishi Nirjatan Ain which is a complete denial of proper justice to the victim. ( Tala PS Case No.11 dated 21.08.2015)

The report said that the perpetrators Semil Moral-35 and Biddut raped on 16.08.2015 and when to file a case against the perpetrators they furious against victims and threaten to rape again. However, police also said as the perpetrators are absconding they could not arrest them. But the victim complained that perpetrators are still threatening the victim to withdraw the case.

Case -07: Soma Rani Das, Syllet.

Soma Rani Das (17) D/O Karunamoyee Das, Mother of  Ms. Pranati Rani Das Village: Haratoil, (Betu) P.O Chatulbazar, Urepazila – Kanaighat- Dist: Sylhet.  She has been kidnapped on 23rd June 2015 at Sylhet. The victim is a student of Goainghrat Degree College of 1st year. While Soma was going to her college to attend her classes she was kidnapped from 5 No. Alirgaon Union at Hatirpara within Goainghat, Sylhet.

The perpetrators Mohammed Zobair Ahmed Shohel (23) Hizbul Ahmed (22), Abdur Rahim(50), Mst. Sirazun Nessa Begum and others.

However, the victim’s uncle Shankar Das son of Satish Chandra Das did a complaint against the perpetrator’s Case Number: Goainghat PS case No.02 dated 03.07.2015 under section 7(30) of Women and Children Act, 2015. The uncle of the victim – Shankar Das made a general diary No.653 dated 16.06.2015 at Goanghat police station as soon as they came to know that Soma was untraceable.

The Officer in charge that made us understand the victim made an affidavit before the Notary public that she has been converted to Islam denouncing Hinduism and this is the common sinario of Bangladesh. Although the girl only 17 under age. Police have not taken any necessary action to recover the victim and the I.O. of the case Abdul Hoque did not take action as per the report of her legal guardian.

Case -08: Ms. Nupur Rani Shil, Maizchara, Noakhali Sadar.

Ms.Nupur Rani Sheel (12), Father of   Shymol Chandra Sheel (42), Mother of Ms. Rina Rani Sheel (35), village: East Maizchara, Ward No.4, P.S –Sudharam, 20- Underchar Union, District: Noakhali Sadar Bangladesh.

The perpetrators,  Pre-cadet School teacher–Siddique Ullah (25) son of late Islamil, Md.Joynal (35) son of late Anisul Hoque, Md. Sheikh Farid (30) S/O Noor Nabi, Mahafuz Master and others in presence of victim mother- Ms.Rina Rani Shil on17th December 2015.

Shymol Chandra Shil- father of victim lodged first information report (FIR) to Officer in charge of Sudharam police station in writing on 18.12.2015 for recovery of her minor daughter. Accordingly, a case No. 14 dated 18.12.2015 under section 7/30 of Women and Children Repression Act, 2003 and Father of the victim approached the Superintendent of Police for recovery of her daughter.

However, police arrested two persons namely Joynal Abedin and Mahfuz Master on 29.04.16 but within a short Joynal Abedin and Mahfuz have been granted bail by the Magistrate without giving any opportunity to police to trace out the victim. REO also came to know that the mother and father of the victim have now a victim of terrorism and police was found silent on this matter. Perpetrators are also posing threat to this destitute family to withdraw the case from the court and victim is not rescued yet.

Case-9: Ritu Rani Sen, Panchagar

Ritu Rani Sen-14, D/O Shushil Chandra Sen M/O Momota Rani Sen. Badpur Senpara, P.O. Pachpeer, Boda Police station, Panchagar, Bangladesh.  While she was going to her uncle’s house on foot on 27.04.16 at about 10 a.m, all on a sudden some perpetrators with deadly weapon intercepted her on the way near Badpur Senpara and compelled her to board a micro bus, victim cried but the perpetrators decamped with the victim towards an unknown destination.

The perpetrator Mohammad Miraj (45) Son of Md. Baka Mollah of Char Kamarpur within Kamarkhali Union of Madhukhali Upazila of Faridpur district. (Source of information- General Diary No.1113 dated 28.04.2016 at Boda Police Station by father of victim)

Sushil chandra Sen (42) father of victim girl made a complain to the local police station at Boda P.S. Panchagarh for recovery of his school going daughter being general Diary No.1113 dated 28.04.2016, but police neglected to recover the victim nor arrested any suspected perpetrators. Sushil Chandra also informed police the name of perpetrators and their addresses where they residence, but no action has been taken by police. However, the girl is not rescued yet.

 Case -10: Ms. Popy Mallick, Narayanganj.

Ms. Popy Mallick (15) D/O Narayan Mallick (47)
M/O Maya Mallick (40),  43, A.C. Dhar Road, Near Radha Rani Store, P.O.&P.S. Narayanganj Sadar, District- Narayangonj. Ms. Popy Mallick (15) was the examinee of Secondary School certificate Examination at Mortgern Girls’ High school within Narayangonj City Corporation at Narayangonj. While the victim was waiting near Grindlays Bank-Chashara area on the date and time mentioned all on a sudden Mohammad Nazmul Sakar (23) son of Nalu Sarkar, Md. Soleman (20) and unknown four perpetrators intercepted her and took her away by a Micro Bus and fled away towards an unknown destination.

The mother Ms.Popy Mallick came to know about the kidnapping of her daughter she went to the house of perpetrators, but perpetrators threatened mother and father of the victim and said: “If you lodge any complain to police the members of your family would be killed”. She has kidnapped on 13.03.2016

Ms. Maya Mallick- mother of victim approached to officer in charge of Narayangonj Sadar police station in writing for accepting F.I.R, but the O.C. refused to entertain any case against perpetrator from mother of victim at the beginning after that he lodged a case (No-21 dated 11.01.2016) under section 7/9(1) Women and Children Repression Act, 2003 against the perpetrators. However, the girl is not rescued yet.

Case -12: Minu Rani and her daughter Bristy Story, Patuakhali

Bristy cried and said “I and my mother started to visit the residence of girl friend –Ms. Sharna at about 11.30 is 11/06/2016 from my house. We went to Kachipara by an auto-rickshaw and then we boarded a rented motor cycle towards Sona Park. The park was not known by us. Then I told the motor cycle carrier to reach us towards our home, but the Motor bike holder assured us to make us reach home. But suddenly the rain fall started and we took shelter nearby a house and after the rain fall stopped then we started to board Motor bike to reach our destination.

At about 5.00/5.30 p.m. the motor bike holder brought us near the unknown river side and we saw eight to nine persons waiting for us in a trawler. The waited persons asked us to board the trawler and thereafter threatened us to quickly board in the trawler, we have been compelled to board the trawler and some of the persons pushed us to board the trawler injuring legs, we found a blue polythin within the trawler and we have been forced to go to polythin cover in the Trawler, we refused to go to within the polythin cover then one accused Harun said “ I am a Government servant if you fail to lay down the people might see there might be some problem” I tried to open my cell phone Harun and other boarded perpetrators snatched away my cell phone, they also directed us to ready for murder. The Trawler was kept in the middle of the river at about 8.00 p.m. I was also brought upper side of the trawler and we started to hue and cry for the safety of our prestige and lives, in the meantime my mother was brought to the lower side of the Trawler and she was raped by one after another. I was also raped by Sohel, Harun, and Rahim one after another. After one hour I was also raped by those three persons. My mother became senseless due to continuous raping. The perpetrators also looted the golden chain belonging to my mother and myself. They also video-taped the scenario of rape and they also took the photo of our nude pictures.

The local people came forward as we started to hue and cry. While perpetrators were trying to flee away from the trawler some people caught hold of Nure Alam. We have been rescued by the local people, we have been sent to Upazila Health complex and we have been sent to Patuakhali Medical Hospital for treatment. Local people informed the local Union Parishad member who also helped to call the police for necessary legal assistance.” We also talked with Ms. Minu Rani Bardhan 35 mother of Ms.Bristy Bardhan who was produced before our two female members for interrogation.

However, Nure Alam -A leader of Swechchhasebak League, a pro-Awami League, has been arrested. The arrestee, Nure Alam, is a vice president of Najirpur union ward-1 Swechchhasebak League, said the unit’s secretary Hasan Mahmud Mintu.

Police Said, Nure Alam along with five other youths forcibly made the victims board a trawler where they were gang raped later, said police and victims. Hearing a hue and cry, some fishermen near Char Esha of the Tetulia river approached the trawler around 12:30 am yesterday. Sensing their presence, all but Nur jumped into the river and fled. The fishermen caught the alleged rapist and rescued the victims. They were handed over to the police later. AZM Faruqee, officer-in-charge of Bauphal Police Station, claimed that Nure Alam confessed his involvement in the incident during his primary interrogation. He said the other “rapists” were also from Najirpur union and aged between 20 and 25, added the OC. A case was filed with Bauphal police over the incident lodged by the husband of Ms.Minu Rani. The mother and the daughter were sent to Patuakhali General Hospital for medical tests, police said, adding that they were trying to arrest the alleged remaining rapists.

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