Chairman Message:

 Research & Empowerment Organization (REO) is a Human Rights Volunteer organization to maneuver its dedication and commitment to achieve its goals. Without approval of Human Rights, Social Development, Education, Training, Health and Women’s Empowerment are being un meet to enhance growth and prosperity. REO believes in working on promoting and protecting Human Rights, Empowerment and Research to uplift the society as a whole.

REO is committed to ensuring every citizen to enjoy human rights and empowerment regardless of race, religion, caste and ethnic minorities without restriction of fear for social safety and security.

As a chairman of REO, I would like to gratitude to all members and volunteers and delighted that we belong to the REO family. However, REO foresees a brighter future for the next generations and deeply committed to supporting the ideas of human rights declaration and propagate its all opportunities to facilitate such movements of Bangladesh.