Human Rights Violation is going On during corona rampage.

On 05.05.2020 at around 6 pm the local terrorist and perpetrators Mohammed Aju Mia, Mohammed Hossain Ahmed, Mohammed Belal, Mohammed Helal and Mohammed Ansar a local terrorists came  and beaten to Mr Kalipoda Jaladas and asking for money for Corona Rampage period of time. During the Ifter time there were few People at the Mosque. Mr Kalipoda Jaladas went to Mosque and asking for Justice for Tortured.

At that night at around 11 pm the same terrorist comes at attacked the Kalipada Jala das, wife Anjali Jala das, Bindabala Jaladas and Biplop Jaladas. They culprit injured his pagnant wife and others mercilessly.

They have taken the money, gold and others valuable things and threaten leave this country and if you go to the police station and complaint against us then you have to pay more price.

On the 06 May 2020when the Jala das and others local people are going to the police station. They perpetrators attacked them in the way to the police station and soughed that the victim kalipada das is a thief.

However, today on 13th May 2020 our Bashkhali city representative Mr Shibananda with his team visited the place and taken interview from victim and local people.

Mr Shibananda informed to us that the same perpetrators taken victim’s fishing boat forcefully and the victim went to the police and with the help  of local people rescue the boat. That was the enmity of the victim and perpetrators because culprit are the well known terrorists in the locality . With the help of police the culprit tortured the needy Hindus.

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