Victim – Voice- Sweety Rani Das

Mrs Sweety Rani Das-23, village: Noagam, Union:Hobibpur, Shalla, Sunamgonj is wife of Jhumon Das who is the main accused person of Sunamgonj incidence on 17th march that due to so called insult Hajot general secretary Mohammed Mamunul Haque, angry mobs attacked hindu areas and destroyed everything.. She is a house wife and 3rd year honours student of Sunamgonj College. She has a son 7 month Ishan Das.

She told her husband has a cosmetic shop, last 2 month due to Covid-19, the business is not running well and he is staying at home now.

On 16th March, many people are coming from her village and looking for Jhumoon Das. She knows nothing more regards on the face book post. The local UP chairman Mr.Bibekannanda Mujumder’s brother, Mr Haridas a senior person along with others hand over Jhumon das to the police. Because A group of Hafajot Islamic people did a procession that they will attack Hindus because Mr. Jhumon insult their leader on the facebook post and their demand was police must have to arrest Mr Jhumon Das.

They handover to Jhumon Das to the police,so that Hafajot Islami group will not attack hindus areas. Even the fanatics group use Mosque Sound system to attack Hindus. Police take him into the thana at 11 pm on 16th march 2021.

However, on 17th March early in the morning at around 8.30pm, a group of Islamic fanatic is coming to attack to the Hindu areas of Noagam. The male people were flown to the Hoawar area to save their life (Water Body) but female are not able to run.

‘I am didn’t move because of my minor son and sister in law Mukta Rani Das, I told to my sister in law – don’t make any sound what is going on doesn’t matter”. If you make sound, they will kill you, hide here, I will be front and protect you, so that noone can see you”

The thousands people come to attack on our village on the day time at around 8.30 am, I went to hide myself under the bed.

They come and chanting Malayan Jhumon come out, we will kill you. You -Malawan Insult our Hujur (religious leader) come out –we will kill you. They have sharp weapon, bamboo strict, knife etc. They broke our door, houses and looking everywhere. They hit me with Iron rode but I don’t cry due to my sister in laws Mukta. If I cried then she will be caught. I was stand and protect her. They have taken my

2.5 Bhari gold gold and asking for money. I gave 58 thousands money that my mother in law’s kept for buy something.

They have taken money and gold and leave me to attack other houses.

“I don’t recognize anyone they were four people who came to our house with covered of their face”

Till today, I am not able to sleep at night. From 16th March to till today, I don’t able even to see my husband. Police told he is in the custody but what his fault I don’t know. He has no any political connection. He is an innocent. At night, I feel the mobs are coming to take my child; I am becoming sick and traumatized.

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