Networking the Youth in Bangladesh

Women and Girls are disproportionately affected by poverty and discrimination to every aspect in everywhere in the Bangladesh. Maximum women and girls are not allowed to make decisions about their household’s income or tradition and culture forbid them to leave their home. Women have big contribution to their family because they spend their maximum income to their family and educated female can give the healthier baby. So empowerment of women is the total sum of formula to realize the economic development as well as human rights also. Women empowerment means the relationships and social structures will change due to women empowerment.omen’s empowerment can only be achieved when we include men and boys to realize that their wives empowerment will benefit for their family. Gender equality and empowerment is the key factor to left out to violence and left out poverty. REO and our Global Partner GHRD are more emphasized on the empowerment to the female that might reduce the violence against women in Bangladesh


The violence of women is increasing in Bangladesh over a period of time. However, among the violation of women, the minorities’ affected more in Figure -01 shown  the year 2016 the violence of minorities women are much more than the year 2015.  REO is working for the rape victims, in 2016, REO conducted 63 case studies and helping them to rescue from Trauma. REO provides medical and mental support to some extend helping for studies also. However, REO is trying to engage the training facilities among the students to make them human rights defenders to protect the violation against the women. GHRD and REO jointly organized a training session for the youth to increase the awareness building regards on violence and trying to social awareness among them how to reduce the violence against women and generate the empowerment of women in Bangladesh.

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