Networking the Youth Program

REO – stands for Research and Empowerment Organization.  REO is a Non- profit Non-Political human rights organization. Vision is to strengthen them and stretch among the community especially for those who are deprived of their fundamental rights by utilizing modern tools, communications. Racial discrimination and xenophobia in Bangladesh must be ended and any offender who has committed human rights abuse against women, minorities and others should be prosecuted.


REO highlighted:

  1. To protect human rights
  2. To provide legal aids for the victims
  3. To arrange scholarships for the poor students
  4. To ensure emergency support
  5. To donate blood and medical facilities

A few world renowned advisers and a group of devotees sincere and qualified professionals and young university level students are united together to volunteer their services for the emancipation of the poorest of the poor and trodden people.

In order to achieve our vision with our functions the following plan of actions are adopted:

  1. To motivate young generation to understand human rights values and norms
  2. To build awareness about reality and human rights defenders
  3. To take up community development programs
  4. To support orphans, adolescents and socio-economic victims
  5. To strengthen our financial capacities.

REO has started its  Networking the Youth program from March 2017 and periodically it is increasing its activities one place to another place. The University level and college level students are taking part of the training. Now the extremism threatens to the world peace and harmony and it is a vital issue in the world, Bangladesh is not exceptional. The government and law and order are doing according to their way. The youth is the mainstreamer and driven force of the nation, they will lead in the future.

However, among the youth, the female are more vulnerable in everywhere and especially in Bangladesh.  Women and Girls are disproportionately affected by poverty and discrimination to every aspect in Bangladesh. Maximum women and girls are not allowed to make decisions about their household’s income or tradition and culture forbid them to leave their home. Women have a big contribution to their family because they spend their maximum income to their family and educated female can give the healthier baby. So empowerment of women is the total sum of formula to realize the economic development as well as human rights too.

Women empowerment will change the social structures and better future for us, it can only be achieved when we include men and boys to realize that their sister or wives employment will benefit for their family. Gender equality and empowerment is the key factor to left out to violence and left out poverty. REO and our Global Partner GHRD- Global Human Rights Defence are more emphasized on the empowerment to the female rights and that might reduce the violence against women in Bangladesh.

The violence of women is increasing in Bangladesh. However, among the violation of women, the minorities’ affected more in Figure -01 shown the year 2016 the violence of minorities women are much more vulnerable the year 2016 to 2015.  REO is working for the rape victims, in 2016, REO conducted 63 case studies and trying to help them to rescue from Trauma and social insult. REO provides medical and mental support to some extent helped them for studies also. However, REO is trying to engage the training facilities among the students to make them human rights defenders to protect the violation against the women. GHRD and REO jointly organized training sessions for the youth to increase the awareness building regards against violence and trying to social awareness among them that reduce the violence against women and generate the empowerment of women in Bangladesh.

According to the ongoing “Networking for the Youth” Program, we have four programs at the four different districts at Dinajpur, Bogra, Nilphamary, and Dhaka. Mr. Uttom Kumar Roy, REO’s President of Dinajpur and Secretary Sujan Kumar Roy said more than 30 youth attended the program. They share their views and have taken few initiatives to reduce the violation and atrocity against humanity and work with the law and orders.

The Nirmolendu Roy, President of Nilphamary is organizing the Program and he is roaming every Upazila to Networking the youth raising awareness building to the society. He told to us the youth is our asset they should use the efficiency, quality to develop the country. Harmony is very important for peace. The secretary and others members were present of that program.

Mr. Bikash Sornokar, President of Bogra and Dr. Tapash Bodya, Secretary organized “Networking the youth” program at Bogra. They are working for fact finding and trying to increase the awareness building to the society. A significant number of Youth people were present of the program.

Dhaka central office organized the “Networking the Youth” program. The Keynote Speaker was Pangkaj Sutradhar, coordinator of REO. The youth trainees are also exchange their views and eagerly interested to work for human rights. Chandan Sarkar, Chairman of REO emphasized to the youth that they should come forward and engaged to some nice work to the society. Now the world has threatened for extremism, so, this is the time and we should have to save our youth and motivated them to tolerance, harmony, and Peace because they are the esteem of a country and they lead to us in the near Future.


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