Business and development for Life Project:

Business and Development for Life Project :

The people those who are marginalized affected by the Covid-19, REO has taken initiatives for do something for them. These people were businessmen and selling their products specially vegetables on foot. REO has given a Van-thela and some amount so that they can self- sufficient and live with dignity.

REO is working for the humanity.

Sewing Machine- A life Project

Sewing Machine Project for the Destitude Female at Manikgonj

  1. Puspo Rani Sarkar-40 yrs, Name of the Husband: Kali Poda Sarkar, Village: Dhulondi, Po: Mohadevpur, bPS: Ghiyor, Dist: Manikgonj.

Puspa Rani Sarkar- she has two children- one Collage going Boy and One School Going daughter. Her Husband is a farmer and he is the only earning member of her 5 members a family. She is a Housewife and sometimes she is helping her husband. They earn BDT 7000 Taka=$87.5 per month only. She was a very bright student in her school life and Passed Higher Secondary Certificate with a good grade. However, she knows to operate the sewing machine. If she gets a Sewing machine- she will be able to contribute to support to her family.

2. Doli Rani Biswas-37 Yrs, Name of Husband: Lakhon Chandra Biswas, Village- Dhulondi, Po: Mohadevpur, Ps: Ghuyor, Dist: Manikgonj.

Biswas – 37yrs has two children. She is passed SSC examinations but now a simple housewife. She also knows how to operate the sewing machine. Her Husband Lakhon Biswas is a farmer and their income level is very low at only BDT 5000= $62.5 per month. She argues to do something for her to help her family and her children. However, she gets sewing machines- that will be a great help to earn some amount of money for her family

3. Moyna Rani Poddar-37yrs, Name of Husband: Monoranjan Moddar, Village: Dhulondi, PO: Mohadevpur, Thana: Ghuyor, Dist: Manikgonj.

Moyna Rani Poddar has 4 children 2 Sons and 2 Daughters. Her husband was a businessman after his death she has a great hardship at present. She is educated. Her elder son is doing fruit business in the local market and earns only 6000BDT= $75 per month. If she gets a sewing machine or any kinds of scope to earn extra income – that will be a great help to her as well as family.

4. Madhuri rani Sarkar-37yrs, Name of Husband: Tushar Sarkar, Village: Dhulondi, PO: Mohadevpur, Ps: Ghuyor, Dist: Manikgonj

Madhuri Rani Sarkar-37yrs have two children. One son is going to Collage and daughter is in School. She has leadership quality because she is an educated and helpful lady in the village. She can manage and organized the program in the village. Her husband is the only earning member of her 7 members a family. She belongs to join the family. They have a small land and her husband is doing a seasonal vegetable businessman. She has a quality to do and able to control the female groups and she has a popularity among them. If she gets any scope to do something for her family – it will be a great help to her and family.

5. Sandhya Rani Barai -44, Name of Husband: Gobindra Chandra Barai, Village: Dhulondi, PO: Mohadevpur, PS: Ghuyor, Dist: Manikginj.

Sandhya Rani Barai -44 yrs old has three children, two sons, and a daughter. Her husband is a farmer and only the earning member of the family. They had own lands but right now- they are suffering from hardship. She is doing to help her husband. If she earns some money and able to help her family- it will be a great indeed of herself. However, they earn only 7000BDT=$78.5 per month.

6.  Parthona Barai -39 Yrs, Name of Husband: Doyal Chandra Barai, Village: Dhulondi, PO: Mohadevpur, PS: Ghuyor, Dist: Manikginj.

Parthona Barai-39yrs have two daughters. Her husband is the only earning member of her family. She is an educated woman and she knows how operated the sewing machine. They have a small piece of land. To maintain the family her husband is doing seasonal business in the local market. However, their monthly income only 6500BDT= $80 per month.

7. Sabita Rani Sarkar-38 yrs, Name of Husband: Amolash Sarkar, Village: Dhulondi, PO: Mohadevpur, PS: Ghuyor, Dist: Manikginj.

Sabita Rani Sarkar-38 yrs have two children. One boy is college going and daughter School Going Children. She was a very bright student at her early age and did a good record at the district level. She has much good quality and she also knows how to make Sallower and Kamiz for female and another thing with the Sewing machine. At Present her husband is the only earning member of her 7 members a family and monthly income only BDT 7000= $87.5 per month. She has a dream to help her family but she has no any scope. If anyone helps to


Sewing Machine -Life Project

Sewing Machine -Life Project