Feeding Program for Rohingya:

Mintu Rudra – 51: Mintu Rudra – 51 years, Address: Chaitona Koyach, Ujhitong Roya, Myanmar. Current Address- Kutupalong Camp, Cox Bazaar, Bangladesh. He is working as a secretary of this Hindu Rohingya camp.

He has a Glossary Shop at Myanmar, two homesteads, own business including cow, Goats, Buffalos on August 25th 2017 came here left everything at Myanmar.

The Rohingya Muslim Alikhan group who was active in that area attacked us and slaughtered my mother on the spot day light. The day was on Friday at day time Rohingya Muslim attacked and slaughtered 186 Hindu Rohingyas in our area.

“We left everything and flown to save our life to Bangladesh- although journey was rough unknown road and cross the hill on foot to Bangladesh. However, we were not save in Bangladesh as well those who were involved to set fire to burn our houses, looted everything, raped our women slaughtered our men they also come to Bangladesh and those Muslim Rohingya attacked in here and slaughtered 2 Hindu Rohingyas in Bangladesh. While day come to Bangladesh they took 8 Hindu women and divided them among our Muslim Rohingya according to the age and raped them. They has taken ALL the preparation to convert them to islam. The Bangladeshi few Hindu volunteers help them to rescue and bring here in this Kutupalong Hindu camp”.

“I have 7 children 4 boys and 3 daughters; yes there is any option we are ready to return back to our own hoe land Myanmar”

“We are not ready to go to Bhasan Chor, if you go with Rohingya Muslim they will killed us or convert to Islam. We are not interested to go to Bhashan Chor rather to die here”

He said “We are not allow outside from the camp, whole day we sit inside the camp and depends for the government relief”

There are 112 families are staying at Hindu Rohingyas in Bangladesh, total 502 including children and among them 34 new born babies who born in Bangladesh inside the camp.

Badhubala Dhar – 25 Years : Husband: Nitai Dhar- 32 Yrs old

They have two children Priya Moni Dhar- 7 months and Apu Dhar- 3 years old both children born in Bangladesh in the Hindu Rohingya camp at Kutupalong.

Newly married couple Badhubala Dhar and nitai Dhar were doing very good at Myanmar and were very happy over there. They have a business to sell fried rice and incomes were good and were very happy at Myanmar. They have own house land and farm.

On 25th August to save their life they came to Bangladesh.

“We have only one work to sit ideally inside the camp and not to do anything just wait for government relief and what they provided us we are not able to buy anything.

In my life I don’t think even that will come in our life, we were so happy at Myanmar. Sometimes I recalled My Past life at Myanmar, it was so blissful and so nice. Here in Bangladesh, we have two children we don’t know what happened in the future of their life, their education”.

Few men illegally is going outside to work to earn some amount of money. My husband Nitai Dhar also went with them but after a certain period of time he has developed a pain in his eyes, now he is not able to see anything properly. The doctor is not available but we have taken advice one of doctor he told us immediately, he has to need to check up and operation on his eyes unless he will blind”.

“No” we don’t want to go to the Bhashan Chor. We want to go back to Myanmar or to India but not to stay here and shifted to Bhasan Chor”. Said Badhubala Dhar.

Sanjib Shil: 22 Yrs

He has a Saloon at Burma on 25th August 2017 to save his life he left 1 month baby, wife all belonging Myanmar. Mr shil along with his parents come to Bangladesh.

“I earned 3000-3500 Myanmar Taka per month and it was good for family. We have our own house, cows, Goats, Chicken. The life was simple easy and we were very happy with our family”

“When the Muslim Rohingya has started to attack in our area at that time my wife and 1 month Child were at the different place, the attackers slaughtered the Hindu men raped our women and young women they took with them but old and others they slaughtered”

 “We along with others we come on foot and after cross the river we reach at Bangladesh.

 Long time he is not able to connect with his wife from Bangladesh. I recalled my wife my child, how happy life we left at Myanmar. Now, after a 15 days or a Month I able to spoke my wife over phone at Myanmar”

“I want to return back to Myanmar, I don’t want to move anywhere rather my own home, my wife my son. The International organization, UN, EU and others always talking about the Muslim Rohingya but they never ever tell a single word about us. What was our fault why we are here why I left my wife, son country?, Each and every day I recalled my old life, recalled my wife and son, I want to go back my own country, son and wife” Said Sanjib.

 In the camp tiny houses where he is not able to sleep properly the legs have to bend to sleep.

Rima Rani Saha- 28 Yrs: Husband- Sunil Saha

 “At Myanmar we have portray business at Myanmar, me and my husband came here with 2 yrs girl left Myanmar to save our life” said Rima Rani saha.

In Bangladesh she gave another child now 2 yrs old. They came here with a hardship and cross hills to Bangladesh.

She teaches to the 50 children those who have age on average from 3-10 yrs old. She teaches them basic Ballya Shikha, simple Maths and sometimes she teaches Gita to the children.

She Said “We came here to safe our life.  Myanmar was a different there were a future and happy and peaceful life, we have few decimals land, ponds, cows and others”

 “I don’t think and believe at my entire life that this will be happened with me. I don’t think this life will come and will stay in the camp. Yes, Bangladesh government gave 13 kg rice, I kg dal, I kg oil and potatoes, shelter but this is not a life just for survive, Myanmar always Myanmar for me” She Said.

Do you want to go to Bhachan Chor? “NO” Never-Never will die here but never want to go to Bhasan Chor to Stay with Muslim Rohigyas, they are killer, rapists. Those Muslims Rohingya who tortured us, slaughtered our family members, raped and wnat to force conversion, how we will stay with them. We want to go Myanmar or India but never ever stay with Muslim Rohingyas at Bhashan Chor” said Rima Rani Saha.

Feeding Program:

Relief Distribution For needy People: Tongi, Gazipur, Manikgonj, Munshigonj, Sylhet.  



Medical Service at Tongi: 


Relief Distribution at Brahmonbaria: 

Food Distribution at Nasirnagar

Fishing Net and food distribution for the Needy poor fishermen

Feeding Program

REO is providing Medicine and Medical Services at Cox’s Bazaar.

Feeding Program and Medical Facilities Program at Dinajpur:

Food distribution for the Needy Poor.

Empowering The Women

Health Facilities