Fact Finding Project

Welcome to the ‘Fact Finding Project at Shalla-Sylhet’ by REO, where compassion meets action. Our initiative goes beyond uncovering truths; it extends a helping hand to those in need. Alongside our investigative efforts, we’re dedicated to making a tangible difference in the lives of the community.

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Introducing the ‘Fact Finding Project at Shalla-Sylhet’ by REO – where our commitment to knowledge meets compassionate action. In our pursuit of understanding and insight, we recognize the pressing needs within the Shalla-Sylhet community and strive to address them head-on.

Beyond our investigative endeavors, we extend our hands with donations that resonate with the community’s challenges and aspirations. With sewing machines, we empower individuals to harness their skills and craft livelihoods. Through essential food supplies, we ensure that no stomach goes empty, nurturing bodies and spirits alike.

This project embodies our belief in holistic community development, where understanding and support go hand in hand. Together, as we uncover facts and extend kindness, we’re sowing seeds of resilience and hope in Shalla-Sylhet. Join us as we shape a future where knowledge and compassion intertwine to uplift every individual.



In addition to gathering vital information, we’re proud to offer support in the form of donations. From sewing machines empowering individuals with livelihood opportunities to essential food supplies ensuring no one goes hungry, every contribution is a step towards brighter tomorrows.

Join us as we combine research with humanitarianism, addressing challenges while fostering resilience. Together, let’s create lasting change, one fact, one donation at a time. Together, we’re not just uncovering truths; we’re building a better future for Shalla-Sylhet.



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