Rohingya Project

The Rohingya Project, led by REO, stands as a beacon of hope amidst one of the gravest humanitarian crises of our time. Focused on providing essential medical assistance and nurturing the well-being of Rohingya children, our mission is to alleviate suffering and promote resilience within this marginalized community.

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The Rohingya Project, spearheaded by REO, is a humanitarian initiative dedicated to providing vital support to the Rohingya community. With a focus on delivering medical aid and nurturing the well-being of Rohingya children, this project aims to alleviate the suffering and challenges faced by one of the most persecuted minorities globally.



In collaboration with local partners and organizations, the Rohingya Project is committed to ensuring access to essential medicines, healthcare services, and medical facilities for Rohingya refugees and internally displaced persons. By addressing immediate health needs, the project seeks to improve the overall health outcomes and quality of life within the Rohingya community.

Moreover, the Rohingya Project recognizes the importance of safeguarding the future generation. Through various programs and interventions, including educational initiatives and child care services, special attention is given to nurturing the physical, emotional, and cognitive development of Rohingya children. By creating safe and supportive environments, the project endeavors to empower young Rohingya individuals and provide them with the tools and opportunities for a brighter future.


The Rohingya Project operates with compassion, integrity, and a deep sense of responsibility towards those in need. By mobilizing resources, raising awareness, and advocating for the rights of the Rohingya people, REO and its partners are dedicated to making a tangible and lasting impact on the lives of individuals and families affected by the Rohingya crisis. Together, we strive to build a more inclusive and compassionate world where every individual, regardless of their background, can live with dignity and hope.



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