Round-table Seminar on Stop Atrocity Against Minority.


The Program Celebration of the international Day support of victim- 17 organized by the Research and Empowerment Organization- REO national Partner BCHRD and International Partner Global Human Rights Defense – GHRD. The 25 partcicipants were present on this occation. The Chief Guest Tushar Kanti Sarkar, Mahbub Haque – Chief Executive BCHRD, Bablu Kumar Chakma- Kupeag Foundation, Biplop Kumar Roy, Managing Director, Japan- Bangladesh Garments Industry, Dr SK Sarkar, Saiful Hssain,- Executive Director Protasha, Rafiqul Islam Executive Director PDS- Polly Development Soceity, Barrister Nishat, Pangkaj Sutradhar- coordinator REO.

Round-table Seminar on the Implementation of the UN Convention against Torture

Research and Empowerment Organization-REO, Global Human Rights Defense -GHRD, in collaboration with the other few organizations like Kepung from Ragamati, Polly union organized and international Human Rights activist and Expert Mr Tushar Kanti Sarkar was present as a chief Guest. Journalist Aminul Haque and REO Chairman preside one day round-table Seminar on the Implementation of the UN Convention against Torture on 21 June 2017 at the REO seminar Room at Uttara, Dhaka- 1230.The objectives of the Seminar was to mobilize civil society and create a platform for supporting the anti-torture Movement.

This Round-table outcome will help to create a platform for the people to engage with the authorities on legal and policy reforms, such as the proper implementation of the Torture and Custodial Death (Prevention) Act, 2013. It is hoped that such seminar will also encourage the authorities to finally submit Bangladesh’s initial report to the UN Committee against Torture (CAT), reinforcing activities at the global level.


  1. Overview of the situation of torture in Bangladesh
  2. Mobilization of civil society to create powerful advocacy tools to prevent torture
  3. Mobilization of Human Rights Defence and victims’ families to combat torture
  4. A discussion on the shrinking space for civil society and how to overcome challenges .While supporting implementation of CAT and national legislation against torture 5.
  5. Networking the youth for Human Rights defense to ensure accountability and an end to impunity.

Prof Sarkar Present a keynote paper and mentioned that minorities are affecting and it has increased day by day. He projected a data that the Bangladesh 724 female are raped and most of the female are Hindus. He added that the spirit of the liberation war was about ‘equality, human dignity and social justice’ but that the state is unable to ensure these for the people of Bangladesh. He said that sometimes the law enforcement agencies do not respect the laws of the country and are continuously violating the national laws and the provisions of international Conventions that the examples of  the arson of dwelling-houses belong to Santal ethnic minority community in Gaibandha   on   6th November, 2016. He   also mentioned that the police arrested a number of garment workers, trade union leaders and journalists who were protesting against the government in Ashulia, Savar. He also said that police arrested Bipul Chakma, General Secretary of Pahari Chhatra Parishad while he and his mother were on their way to a hospital for medical treatment.

Clothing Distribution and Free Health Camp for the Needy People

Clothing Distribution Ceremony at Dinajpur and NasirNagar 25th December 2016.

Clothing Distribution of  Bogra. REO’s President Bikash Sornokar with District Mayor and Others local People were present of the Program. Date: 25th December 2016.

Clothing Distribution Ceremony at Nilphamary Districts. Nirmalendu Roy the Districts President with local influential and others were present at the ceremony. Date 25th December 2016

Clothing distribution at Jessore. The Districts President Dev and Executive Member Tariqul and others were Present. The Districts Mayor also Present of the Ceremony. Date 25th December 2016

NasirNagar clothing Distribution ceremony. The REO’s Executive Members Aminul Haque and Santanu distributing the clothing with local people. Date- 25th December 2016.

Medical service Providing. Headed by REO’s Doctor SK Sarkar providing the health service to the Needy People at Dinajpur


A 13 year old in rural Girl gives birth to baby of rapist.

Sexual abuse case of a minor has surfaced at Bogra.Pinki Mali 13 a Minor girl, D/O Khapu Mali -42 at Durgahata, Gabtoli, Bogra n Bangladesh was raped brutally by Mohammed Saheb Ali -55 years. On 7th July 2016 at around 7 pm Pinki went to collect their clothing near the house. The Perpetrator Mohammed Saheb Ali was waiting there, he told to come to his house that was adjoint. When Pinki enter into his house Mohammed Saheb locked the door and shown to her a knife and ordered with anger ‘ Open your Salowar and Kamiz” (cloth). Pinki tries to shout- suddenly, Mohammed Saheb captured her mouth with her clothing and started to open her Salower and Kamiz and bring to her into the bed and brutally raped her. After everything, while Pinki was crying, Mohammed Saheb threatened the child to keep quiet and if she told anyone, anything then he would kill her and her family.

On 28th November 2016, Pinkis’ Physical condition declined and when her mother took her to a doctor and doctor confirmed her pregnancy and it that it was at a mature level.  When Pinki’s parents got hold of perpetrator Mohammed Saheb threatened to kill them. On 14th December, Pinkis’ father informed  Research and Empowerment Organization–REO asking for help. Bikash Sornokar, head of REO at Bogra complained to the officer in Charge at Gabtoli Thana, Bogra and did a FIR under a section of child and women Nirjaton act 2003 on that day. Police officers had ensured that the perpetrator would be arrested soon, but nothing has been done about it.

Sadly, on 16th February 2017, REO arranged to admit her into the Hospital at the emergency basis and on 17th February 2017, Pinki gave a boy birth.  This is just one such case, according to REO such cases are pretty common, in these parts of the nation,  in fact, according to BRAC, a nongovernment organization in Bangladesh, in fact from July 2007 to June 2010, reported 713 incidents of rape and attempted rape of children (< 18 years) in rural Bangladesh. This study explores these 713 incidents to identify possible patterns related to the victims, perpetrators, and different dynamics of the incidents.

Rape and attempted rape, particularly of young girls, constituted 64% of all reported incidents of violence against children. Children were found to be abused by men from all walks of life, mainly by non-family-members (83%). Similar diversity was seen in the location, time, and context of the incidents. The present study attempts to put forward an overall picture of the depth of the problem of child sexual abuse in rural Bangladesh, linking the incidents with the socially constructed gender relations of power and how it perpetuates sexual abuse of children, especially girls.

Networking the Youth at Nilphamary


“Networking the Youth Program-2017” is going on with full speed. Today, Nirmolendu Roy, President of REO’s at the Nilphamary Districts visited Hatibandja Upazila, Lalmonirhat. He is evergreen to organized the Youth at the North Bengal.  REO- walking for Humanity. Thanking you very Much Nirmalendu da and his team those who are working hard to reach youth and Providing Leadership Training for Youth at grass the root level.

Networking the Youth Program is increasing the leadership ability to the youth and people are encouraged to social works. Mrs. Mukti Rani Sarkar, Vice Chairman, and Ashwini Kumar Basunia, Chairman of Hatibandha and others people and youths were present on that occasion. However, GHRD, Netherland and BMRA, Canada are REO’s Global Partners to monitoring the Networking the Youth Program.  REO is walking for Humanity.


Fact Findings Rape Victims

Case: 01: A Hindu Minor Girl Bristy’s Story

Bristy -11 a minor Hindu girl of grade-7 of Bogra was kidnapped and raped brutally for 5 days by one Mohammed Azizul Sheikh, 25. On 8th May 2016 at around 7pm, Bristi’s schoolmate Shirin, a Muslim girl and also a neighbor came to her house and requested to go to a nearby house to bring some school note from another girl, Bristy agreed unwillingly. By this way, she was kidnapped at knifepoint by  Azizul and others by a microbus.

They seduced her with chloroform to an unknown place. In Bristi’s own words, “I was senseless and while I open my eyes in a room, I was fully naked and raped. Azizul was at the room. After that day, he repeatedly raped me and also changed places. I was crying all along while he was raping me like an animal. After 5 days my father and few local people rescued me.”

While kidnapped, Bristi tried to escape, but soon weakened by the affect of chloroform in a handkerchief used to seduced her. Ronjita, Sukumol and Promila age 27-35 witnessed the kidnapping but kept quiet as Mohammed Azizul threatened ned with a knife to kill them.  Do you want  justice? Bristi replied, “Definitely, Azizul did the same thing with other Hindu girls before me. Because of embrassed parents did not come forward and administration also was relactant to do anything, but I want justice, I want justice.”

Bristi’s parents are poor (Father: Amal Chandra 5 &MotherRenuka Rani 42 of GangNagar, Mahjpara, Shibgonj, Bogra). She studies at  A. M. High School of GangNagar, Bogra and she wanted to be a teacher. She is a good student and always helped her mother. Azizul and another Belal used to tease her on the way to school. Her parents complained to the parents of Azizul, but nothing has improved rather perpetrator is piloting from parents. A case has been filed at Shibgonj Police Station (Case# 13; dated 10th May 2016 under section 7/30 of Women and Children Repression Act,2003), but as usual did nothing. Now the perpetrator is threatening the victim and her family to withdraw the case or face death. Bristi with parents in picture.

it’s news was first published in a national daily in Dhaka, the daily Purbachal, on 15 May 2016. A team lead by Chandan Sarkar, Chairman of REO-Research and Empowerment Organization had visited her on 20 May 2016. The team also talked with local administration.

Case 02 : Rokshana 07, Mymonshingh


 “I am Rokshana akter mim- 07 years, I read in class grade -03 of Ahmedabad Government Primary school, Khondo, Trishal, Mymonshingh. While I am coming to my house  from my Grandma who went to work at neighbor house. On the way of our house,  the perpetrator Mohammed Rasel’s -25 room, at 7.00 pm suddenly he kept my arms and keep a towel at my mouth and forcefully enter into his room. He kept me into his arm and bring me into his room and lie on me in his bed and get off my shallower and kamis forcefully – mercilessly raped me. The Date of occurrence was 16.05.2016 at Mymonshingh”. When the blood has come out – I  was suffering from pain but I don’t able to sought because he captured my mouth with cloth.

After a while Mohammed Rasul thrown me from his room and tell don’t tell this to anyone, unless I will kill you.  I came to our house  at corridor, I busted to help and cried. Few people including my Grand pa and grand ma come, I told everything to them.However, blooding is coming toward my legs to my feet”

Roksana is daughter of Mohammed Abul Badsha–40, Vilage–KUSTIA-1, Khondo, Trishal, Mymonshingh. Mr Badsha is a day laborer  and works at Dhaka. Rokshana;s mother also working at Dhaka as a maid servent staying with her husband. They have two daughter, elder one has married. Youngest one is Roksana is staying with their grand parents at Mymonshingh. Mohammed Rasel is a neighbor of the victim. Roksana was admitted to  Mymonshingh Medical College Hospital while we meet her condition was critical. The doctor said due to forcefully rape her condition is so bad may be she is not able to take birth at her whole life.

Case-03: Malati – 7 years


“I am Malati’s – 07 years old daughter, student of grade 3, Daughter of Saran Partha -42 a  day laborer.  Malati’s has a brother; Biswajit-14 is a student of grade 8 at local school.  A  local Rickshaw puller Mohammed Shorab -45 who  bring Maloti’s teacher regularly”

Mohammed Shorab-45, frequently visited their house and trying to reach Malati with some trophy. One day, Malati’s mother was sick for viral fever -104 temperatures and his father and brother was not at home.

Mather Kanika Rani -37 is not able to wake- up and not able to pull up her head even due to fiver. Konika Rani told to her daughter Malati   to go to the shop and buy some bread for her because she was very hungry. Malati went to buy some bread for her mother at near right a local market. The market has no crowd, suddenly, she saw in a tea stall Mohammed Shorab is taking tea. When the Mohammed Shorab saw, Malati – he come out and pulling him into his arms and bring into a dark place into the different tiny shop of that local market.  Mohammed Shorab kept her mouth into his hands and told, if you sought, I will kill you. Inside the shop, Mohammed Shorab mercilessly raped her.  When the blood has come out, he thrown her over there and flown away.  When Malati was crying into burst with pain, one local people come and rescued her from that Shop.

When we visited on 25.5.2016, the Parents didn’t do any FIR against the Perpetrator. But what we heard that the Perpetrator has four wife’s and four children only 4th wife staying with Mohammed Shorab. His existing wife has come to request to Malati’s parents don’t to do any police complaint, unless they will die because they all depend on the perpetrator.

Case -04: Ardhaya -07 years, Khulna

Aadhaya -07 years old. Can you think even among the girls who is Aradhaya? Yes, I am telling you that the girl who sit with her mom only 7 years old class 3  small child. Three months before when her mother was sick with viral fever. Rani 35 years old she could n’t move even Her son  Satyajit -15 years old was not at home. She is asking for some biscuit a cheap because she was very hungry and not able to cook. Her daughter Aradhya -07 years old – due to her mother sick, she went to the near ride Anisodhoha bazaar to buy some biscuits or cheaps packet.

There was a day around at 10 am. In the local few shops over there but there are no many people. One lady tea seller Rokeya -45 is selling tea. Beside the tea stall, there was one dark room.  Md Shorab Gazi-50 a Rickshaw puller ( Van Chalok) and day labor. He has three wives and 4 children.  There is a primary school near Aradhya houses. A lady school teacher is regular coming to school with his Rickshaw.

When  – he pulling the rickshaw- he targeted the Aradhya, sometimes asking – small kids please do come I know your father, grandfather please do come with me. Sometimes forcefully keep her in his arms.

That day – while the Aradhya is coming for to take chocolate, Mohammed Shab is calling please do come I will give your chocolate to you. When she went for a chocolate from Sharab then he captured her and put into the room and sit into his leg and keep off her mouth and harass her. When the small girl is crying he keep her mouth that the sound is not come out from her mouth.

Case -05 – Papri Biswas -20 Years, Pabna

Papri Biswas -20 , Father – Ram Chandra Biswas , mother Purnima Biswas  Pabna, Pandaria, Thana Sathiya, districts been brutally raped on 13.03.2015. The perpetrators were Mohammed Farid -27, Father name Mohammed Abu Pramanik.

The ritual Festival is going on of their relative hoe at the near by. Papri is a examine. She is taking her preparation all the family members went to attend the occasion. She was alone at around 7.30 pm she finished her study and going to join the occasion. When she came out from her room suddenly  two local terrorist Mohammed Farid  came and captured her mouth and threaten with a knife. Mohammed Hafizul also join with Mohammed Farid both were bring into her in near by jungle and rap up her hand and mouth with cloth.

Both get ride of her Salawer ( lower part) and Mohammed Farid raped her brutality when Mohammed Hafizul captured her hand. After Mohammed Farid, Mohammed Hafizul did same brutally raped and this is going on one after another during an hour. They threaten me if I shout and tell to anyone they will kill her including her parents.

They thrown her over there – Papri came to her home and come into tears. When the local people come and listen everything. On 14.03.2016 the victim and local people come into the police station and did FIR against the perpetrators on the women and child abusing section-03 case number 26/104, GL number -130,  Sathiya police station, Pabna.

The Principal of pabna Edward college Dr Mohammed Humayun Kabir, and Head of department and other teachers and journalists local people also claim to asking justice and arrest the perpetrators. After a long months the perpetrators are not  arrested yet. Even the perpetrators are threatening to withdraw the case against  them unless they will raped again and killed her.

However, Papri is the student of 2nd year student of History department , Pabna Edward college. We want immediate arrest to the perpetrators and give them punishment according to the law.


Networking the Youth Program

REO – stands for Research and Empowerment Organization.  REO is a Non- profit Non-Political human rights organization. Vision is to strengthen them and stretch among the community especially for those who are deprived of their fundamental rights by utilizing modern tools, communications. Racial discrimination and xenophobia in Bangladesh must be ended and any offender who has committed human rights abuse against women, minorities and others should be prosecuted.


REO highlighted:

  1. To protect human rights
  2. To provide legal aids for the victims
  3. To arrange scholarships for the poor students
  4. To ensure emergency support
  5. To donate blood and medical facilities

A few world renowned advisers and a group of devotees sincere and qualified professionals and young university level students are united together to volunteer their services for the emancipation of the poorest of the poor and trodden people.

In order to achieve our vision with our functions the following plan of actions are adopted:

  1. To motivate young generation to understand human rights values and norms
  2. To build awareness about reality and human rights defenders
  3. To take up community development programs
  4. To support orphans, adolescents and socio-economic victims
  5. To strengthen our financial capacities.

REO has started its  Networking the Youth program from March 2017 and periodically it is increasing its activities one place to another place. The University level and college level students are taking part of the training. Now the extremism threatens to the world peace and harmony and it is a vital issue in the world, Bangladesh is not exceptional. The government and law and order are doing according to their way. The youth is the mainstreamer and driven force of the nation, they will lead in the future.

However, among the youth, the female are more vulnerable in everywhere and especially in Bangladesh.  Women and Girls are disproportionately affected by poverty and discrimination to every aspect in Bangladesh. Maximum women and girls are not allowed to make decisions about their household’s income or tradition and culture forbid them to leave their home. Women have a big contribution to their family because they spend their maximum income to their family and educated female can give the healthier baby. So empowerment of women is the total sum of formula to realize the economic development as well as human rights too.

Women empowerment will change the social structures and better future for us, it can only be achieved when we include men and boys to realize that their sister or wives employment will benefit for their family. Gender equality and empowerment is the key factor to left out to violence and left out poverty. REO and our Global Partner GHRD- Global Human Rights Defence are more emphasized on the empowerment to the female rights and that might reduce the violence against women in Bangladesh.

The violence of women is increasing in Bangladesh. However, among the violation of women, the minorities’ affected more in Figure -01 shown the year 2016 the violence of minorities women are much more vulnerable the year 2016 to 2015.  REO is working for the rape victims, in 2016, REO conducted 63 case studies and trying to help them to rescue from Trauma and social insult. REO provides medical and mental support to some extent helped them for studies also. However, REO is trying to engage the training facilities among the students to make them human rights defenders to protect the violation against the women. GHRD and REO jointly organized training sessions for the youth to increase the awareness building regards against violence and trying to social awareness among them that reduce the violence against women and generate the empowerment of women in Bangladesh.

According to the ongoing “Networking for the Youth” Program, we have four programs at the four different districts at Dinajpur, Bogra, Nilphamary, and Dhaka. Mr. Uttom Kumar Roy, REO’s President of Dinajpur and Secretary Sujan Kumar Roy said more than 30 youth attended the program. They share their views and have taken few initiatives to reduce the violation and atrocity against humanity and work with the law and orders.

The Nirmolendu Roy, President of Nilphamary is organizing the Program and he is roaming every Upazila to Networking the youth raising awareness building to the society. He told to us the youth is our asset they should use the efficiency, quality to develop the country. Harmony is very important for peace. The secretary and others members were present of that program.

Mr. Bikash Sornokar, President of Bogra and Dr. Tapash Bodya, Secretary organized “Networking the youth” program at Bogra. They are working for fact finding and trying to increase the awareness building to the society. A significant number of Youth people were present of the program.

Dhaka central office organized the “Networking the Youth” program. The Keynote Speaker was Pangkaj Sutradhar, coordinator of REO. The youth trainees are also exchange their views and eagerly interested to work for human rights. Chandan Sarkar, Chairman of REO emphasized to the youth that they should come forward and engaged to some nice work to the society. Now the world has threatened for extremism, so, this is the time and we should have to save our youth and motivated them to tolerance, harmony, and Peace because they are the esteem of a country and they lead to us in the near Future.