Research and Empowerment Organization– (REO) is an non-profit human rights organization that working for the people regardless of caste color and religions. We here at REO think to make the lives of the greatest creation of the Supreme Lord, the humans, a sweet and happy one. Therefore, we invite you all to take part in our wonderful adventure to rupture the coarse and bumpy lives of the underprivileged people and families of the society to a worthy class.


REO Provided the health services and set up the free medical camp to provided free medical check up for the needy people. REO has a specialized medical team those who are frequently visited for the fact finding purposes and always move with medical team so that the needy people will be benefited.

Van Project:

Thela-Van project- those who are affected during the covid period of time. REO Provided them a Van and others so that they can do a business and over come the situation. Moreover, it is a business plan so that they can be a entrepreneur. REO recently has started with 15 Vans to the needy poor people.