Research and Empowerment Organization– (REO) is an non-profit human rights organization that working for the people regardless of caste color and religions. We here at REO think to make the lives of the greatest creation of the Supreme Lord, the humans, a sweet and happy one. Therefore, we invite you all to take part in our wonderful adventure to rupture the coarse and bumpy lives of the underprivileged people and families of the society to a worthy class.


  1. Empowerment Opportunities:To the empowerment Opportunities, we provide training to the youth and provided assistance to increase the self esteem and efficiency.
  2. Fact Finding Mission: REO has a fact finding Mission team those who move to fact finding and stand for the victims to ensured the human rights.
  3. Legal Assistant: REO has a nice lawyers team those who provided the legal assistant to the victims.
  4. Relief for Emergency: To provided the relief and emergency activities purposes REO is working and district level established a volunteers team.
  5. Victims Tortures support: To ensured to the support to the victims REO is working and collaborate and established a tortured victims center.

Fact Finding Mission:

We have a specialist fact Finding mission team those who are very professional to do fill up the questionnaire and case study and bring out the real scenario from the filed. According to the field data REO arranges press briefing to circulate the report. However, REO every year makes the reports on the basis of field visit.


REO has a specialized health service team consists with a group of Professional Doctors and Volunteers those who are giving free medical check up, blood donation and health services to the needy poor people. While the REO visits any places for fact finding purposes. REO sets up a medical camp so that the needy people came come and freely has to take some basic medicine and check up their help and suggestions from the Doctors and Team.

Relief Emergency at Districts Level:

Shalla, Sunamgonj:

Mr Jhumon Das -32 from Noagam in Shalla upazila on 16th March 2021,Tuesday allegedly posted a Facebook status and criticizing Mowlana Mohammed Mamunul Haque.  Hearing of this, on 17th March 2021 at around 8 am the thousands of Hefazat-e-Islam supporters attacked a Hindu village Noagam, Habibpur, Shalla upazila of Sunamganj with sharp weapons, bamboos and others attacked and demolished 89 houses and 8 Mondirs.

However, the police Mohammed Abdul Karim – BP 7797096204 (SI) Shalla thana ,Sunamgonj did a case on 18th March 2021 against unknown 1400-1500 people bail able section no 143/447/448/379/380/295/427/34 Panel Code of Bangladesh and the local union Chairman Mr Bibekananda Bakul did a case mentioned 72 names and unknown 1400 fanatics those who looted and taken deities and gold around hundred million taka equivalent money they have taken and destroyed of the Hindu villagers.

However, Resreach and Epowwerment Organization-REO went to shalla for on 25th March 2021. Local people of the Noagam villagers told us that the reason behind not only a facebook post rather a dispute over a Jalmahal (leased water body) one of the key reasons to attack on Hindu homes in Sunamganj’s Shalla Upazila, Sunagonj.

Locals Hindus Shahidul Islam Shadin is an inhabitant of Nachoni village in Derai upazila. He is the member of Ward 5 under Sarmangal Union Parishad in Derai upazila of Sunamganj. He is also the president of Ward 5 unit Jubo League. Shalla police station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Nazmul Haque said the law enforcers had so far arrested 33 people, including Shahidul, after the incident of the attack. 

Victim Voice:

Switi Rani Das:

Mrs Switi Rani Das-23, village: Noagam, Union:Hobibpur, Shalla, Sunamgonj is wife of Jhumon Das who is the main accused person of Sunamgonj incidence on 17th march that due to so called insult Hajot general secretary Mohammed Mamunul Haque, angry mobs attacked hindu areas and destroyed everything.. She is a house wife and 3rd year honours student of Sunamgonj College. She has a son 7 month Ishan Das.

She told her husband has a cosmetic shop, last 2 month due to Covid-19, the business is not running well and he is staying at home now.

On 16th March, many people are coming from her village and looking for Jhumoon Das. She knows nothing more regards on the facebook post. The local UP chairman Mr.Bibekannanda Mujumder’s brother, Mr Haridas a senior person along with others hand over Jhumon das to the police. Because A group of Hafajot Islamic people did a procession that they will attack Hindus because Mr. Jhumon insult their leader on the facebook post and their demand was police must have to arrest Mr Jhumon Das.

They handover to Jhumon Das to the police,so that Hafajot Islami group will not  attack hindus areas. Even the fanatics group use Mosque Sound system to attack Hindus. Police take him into the thana at 11 pm on 16th march 2021.

However, on 17th March early in the morning at around 8.30pm, a group of Islamic fanatic is coming to attack to the Hindu areas of Noagam. The male people were flown to the Hoawar area to save their life (Water Body) but female are not able to run.

‘I am didn’t move because of my minor son and sister in law Mukta Rani Das, I told to my sister in law -don’t make any sound what is going on doesn’t matter”. If you make sound, they will kill you, hide here, I will be front and protect you, so that noone can see you”

The thousands people come to attack on our village on the day time at around 8.30 am, I went to hide myself under the bed.

They come and chanting Malayan Jhumon come out, we will kill you. You -Malawan Insult our Hujur (religious leader) come out –we will kill you. They have sharp weapon, bamboo strict, knife etc. They broke our door, houses and looking everywhere.  They hit me with Iron rode but I don’t cry due to my sister in laws Mukta. If I cried then she will be caught. I was stand and protect her. They have taken my 2.5 Bhari gold gold and asking for money. I gave 58 thousands money that my mother in law’s kept for buy something.

They have taken money and gold and leave me to attack other houses.

“I don’t recognize anyone they were four people who came to our house with covered of their face”

Till today, I am not able to sleep at night. From 16th March to till today, I don’t able even to see my husband. Police told he is in the custody but what his fault I don’t know. He has no any political connection. He is an innocent. At night, I feel the mobs are coming to take my child; I am becoming sick and traumatized.

Rina Rani Das:

Rina Rani Das-40, Village- Noagam, Shalla, Sunamgonj, Wife of Jaharlal Das, M/O Sabita Rani Das. She has three daughters and one son. She is a housewife and her elder daughter is working in a garment at Dhaka, Gazipur. A big group of people 2000-3000 people wife sharp weapon, bamboo stick and with slogan they attacked us. I went to Howar to save myself. My daughters are running one way I was running another way. I thought this is my last day, I can’t see my near one again. I saw our UP member Mohamed Habibur Rahman Shadin came to attack us.

Manashi Sarkar – 27

Manshi Sarkar, Village- Noagam, Hobibpur, Shalla, Sunamgonj, wife Dr Samir Sarkar, M/O of Bela Sarkar. I am working in a collage and I am teaching Economics. I have a minor child 9 month old. I was in the bazaar and saw many people are coming to attacked on our village. I am newly married and come in this village and from far away I saw people and people those who were coming from Nachli near another village near our village. They gave a slogan Pakistan –Bangladesh. On 17.03.2020 at around 8.30 am they come and attacked of the Hindus at our village. They have looted our money and gold and others that minimum 150 thousands lost.

Niva Rani Das:        

Niva Rani Das-45+ wife of Gopendra Chandra Das, M/O of Nisha Rani Das, Village Noagam, Hobibpur, Shalla, Sunamgonj. She is the mother of main accused person Mr Jhumon Das.

 “ While Jhumon Das at age 10 he lost his father, as a female I raised my sons and two daughters. They are very good and gentle. They are not involving any political connection. But one police man trying to relate to my son as a BNP member. Absolutely wrong my innocent son is not doing any politics ever. The local neighbor called my son to eat something and taken him and gave him to police on 16th March 2021, today 23rd March I can’t even to see my innocent son.”

I don’t want anything I want to return back my innocent son. Due to him we are all the family members are become sick. His 7 month old child is going to sick because we cannot take care him. The attackers come and taken our money 58 thousands taka and 2.5 ounce gold and destroyed everything”.

Gouri Mujumdar-35

Gouri Mujumdar-35 yrs old, wife of Ratish Mujumdar, m/o of Bithy Talukdar village Noagam, Hobib Pur, Shalla, Sunamagonj. She has three children 2 daughters and one son. Elder Daughter has studied in intermediate college level, other daughter school secondary candidate and son in class7.

On 17th morning suddenly a thousands of fanatics group with slogan attack on us. I was hiding myself to the bathroom but they try to broken the door. I asking for my life and asking “Don’t kill me. Pardon me”. I saw our local UP member Mohammhed Shahidur Rahman Shadhon sound he along with others destroying our everything.

They have taken 5 bhori gold and cash around 40 thousands in cash.

All the time, I felt the people are coming to attack on us. In the night I am not able to sleep. All the time I feel the fanatics are coming to attacked on us. I am becoming sick.


Chanmoni is old widow in the village of Noagam. She told she has not faced during liberation period of time in Bangladesh but on 17th March 2021 was different. Within a moment they destroy my houses and all belonging. You see my house nothing is left all looted and destroyed. I don’t know what is my fault- I don’t do anything to the people but they destroyed my everything.

Sima Rani Talukdar: 35

Sima Rani Talukder-35 she has two daughters, H/O Prosent Kanti Talukdar. On 17th at around 7.30pm they saw a group of people are coming to attack the Hindu village. She has two daughters and her mother Sohagi Bala Das came to visit her house. ALL together run fast to save their life. They run to the However areas. “ I don’t know where were my two daughters and my mother, it is a horrible day in my life. I thought I am not able to see my children and my relatives anymore” said to Sima Rani Das. When she return back to her house house she saw there is nothing is left. Everything is destroyed and looted from her house.

ShamserNagar Tea Garden:

During the Covid Pandemic Period of time the lower income group people are affected much. REO is doing help to the needy people and empowering them. REO team went to see the Shamsennagar Tea gardens workers help them and going to start an empowerment Project for the women of Tea Garden Workers. Women are the most vulnerable among the workers and earn only for one dollar per day. to raise their income and improve their life- REO will do a extra income generating project for the female of the Tea garden workers.