Research and Empowerment Organization– (REO) is an non-profit human rights organization that working for the people regardless of caste color and religions. We here at REO think to make the lives of the greatest creation of the Supreme Lord, the humans, a sweet and happy one. Therefore, we invite you all to take part in our wonderful adventure to rupture the coarse and bumpy lives of the underprivileged people and families of the society to a worthy class.

Unity is strength.


Enhancing life of the rural.

We at REO look forward to a world where all the people of the society will work together day and night, wiping out the miseries of life and pave way for that ideal generation we all are dreaming off. The harmony of life is just a reach away. Why not catch that golden moment with us. It costs nothing much to be a part of us. Hence, join us in this wonderful adventure.

We at REO work collaborately to alleviate the sadness of underprivilaged people of the society and spread happiness out to each and every corner of the world. A curve in those lips is worth much than a King’s treasury. Hence, our main message is to you people spread love and message of equity to every corner; respect people of every sort, only then you will find the success of being a humble human we all dream of.